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The ELIMINATOR™ Catch Basin Oil and Debris Trap is the most advanced trap of its kind on the market. Its clever design provides several unique features. Designed to follow the contours of round catch basins, The ELIMINATOR™ offers the best clearance from the catch basin opening of any similar trap. Clearly The ELIMINATOR™ is the only way to flow.

Benefits of The ELIMINATOR™

Reliable - Oil and floating debris is eliminated from the flow. The ELIMINATOR™ will not dislodge during maintenance or cleaning.

Durable - Made from High Density Polyethylene, it is durable and lightweight. No known storm-water contaminants can harm it and The ELIMINATOR™ will neither rust nor corrode.

Cost Effective - Effectively removes oil and floating debris from the storm water waste stream for a cost up to 75% less than its competitors. It installs in minutes eliminating labor costs.

Quick Installation - Workers have minimal time in a confined space, The ELIMINATOR™ installs without fasteners, adhesives, or tools.

Easy Inspection - The ELIMINATOR™ large inspection and maintenance port allows easy access to the outlet pipe with a quick quarter turn of the gasketed cover.